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The Apex IKFX trading workshop, conducted over 3 days we guide you step by step from a beginner through to the advanced levels of trading. An easy to digest non jargon educational experience for the individual who has ambitions to make trading a profession.

We have systematically & diligently compiled what we believe is core level learning criteria that are proven to work, the trading industry is littered with mismatched information with 100’s if not 1000’s of different methods & strategies many of which contradict each other & it can be extremely difficult to grasp a handle at where to start your development.

Forex trading is not an industry where you want to spend a great deal of time hunting & learning different methodologies whilst second guessing, for one it can instil bad practices which can be near impossible to break out of, secondly financial losses can occur & escalate very quickly leaving you psychologically crippled & unable to make rational decisions in your trading journey.

Cut out the second guessing, the jargon & the learning curve by enrolling on the IKFX Apex Masterclass & learn step by step the exact way we navigate the financial markets whilst we help you build & develop your own pathway.

Charting analysis platform tutorial
IKFX Key market identifiers
Confirmation Triggers
Identifying Confluence
Key Charting Tools
Essential Indicators
IKFX Force 4 Patterns
Risk Management
Macro to Micro Analysis
Position Sizing
Profiting in Up & Down Markets
Trading Broker Set-up & Tutorial
Different Orders Types & Executions
Practical session after every key teaching element
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