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I had the opportunity of starting my trading journey with Indy. I have been following him on social media for a few years and to be honest I wish I had signed up to his course sooner.
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It was a pleasure meeting and learning from Indy. He was extremely personable and helped my understanding of Crypto and what to do in order to invest in Crypto with a view of making profit. He helped change my mindset around crypto as well as trading. Best thing is once you complete the course he still makes himself available to support!
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I have attended a few of Indy's workshops now, at different levels of expertise, and can only day good things about him, his knowledge and his teaching style.
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I attended the beginners trading course after coming across many so-so courses. Indy explains in great detail and gives a professional delivery. Gives the tools you need to carry on yourself and supports through his social media channels. Highly recommend him!
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I took Indys Beginners course built on those foundations and took the intermediate training and can't recommend enough, in fact both courses. He was structured in his delivery and broke topics down in a easy to understand way. I've since put the teachings into practise and when the market is down I was well placed to know how to come out the other end stronger
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Ive done both Indys beginner & intermediate courses. This started me off on a journey to change my life. The knowledge acquired is essential due to the sheer amount of false ppl & scammers. Indys very professional with his teachings and makes things simple for you to absorb fully, he doesnt try to overload you with information either, very patient.
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Attended a beginners workshop in August 2020 and my life hasn’t been the same since. Some solid teaching that will remain with me forever. Update October 2021: just been to a workshop about chart analysis which was amazing. It filled some huge gaps in my knowledge and I am now confident to start using the charts to make informed investments rather than just guessing and hoping for the best, or listening to other people.
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In January 2021 I attended Indy's 1-2-1 workshop. Indy was very clear and concise in his teachings. He is very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have. You walk away with a good insight into trading and with patience and practice you become better and better. Indy is always there to give guidance and advice. Lovely guy. 🙌🏽
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Having attended two courses I have gained valuable knowledge on digital assets. Indy has vast experience in the area and his teaching style is tailored to the student. Indy is a very disciplined professional with a high level of integrity and I would not hesitate to recommend his course to anyone. I certainly plan to attend more courses in the future!
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Best investment i have made. The course was detailed and informative. Indy was a great teacher and i learnt a lot in such a short space of time. No useless information or over technical jargon, just the right info i needed for me to understand more about what i was doing. I would highly recommend Indy to anybody who wants to make learn how to make money for a better life. 1%er life.
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Recently I completed one of Indys courses and i can truly say he is straight to the point no messing about. He saves you years of mistakes and puts you in a comfortable position to begin your trading journey. He teaches you how to be safe with your money and to avoid scams (which there is a lot out there) but also gives you the all important support, when ever you need it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!